Lompian, a small hamlet of houses, farms, a 13th century church and a picturesque bridge which crosses the Canal Lateral, is just five minutes from Damazan, a 13th Century Bastide village. Maison du Canal is one hour from Bordeaux and only twenty minutes from Agen, the historic capital of the Aquitaine region.


From Paris, Air France flights leave during the day to Bordeaux, Toulouse and Agen. The easiest and shortest flight (one hour) is Paris-Bordeaux. From the airport at Bordeaux, where you can rent a car, to our house is one hour, on super highway A62. The drive is slightly longer from Toulouse. The drive from Agen is only 20 minutes, but flights from Paris to Agen are less frequent.

There are also flights on other airlines, both to Paris and London, where you can then fly to Paris or Bordeaux. No matter which flight you take, be sure to leave enough time in Paris to catch the connecting flight to Bordeaux.


The distance from Paris to Bordeaux is 362 miles and takes about 6 hours. Add another hour from Bordeaux to Damazan. From Toulouse the drive takes about 90 minutes. From Agen, 25 minutes.

Damazan is near a super highway, A62, and other good highways which make it possible to drive to dozens of interesting towns, cities and sites in a short time. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, is a four-hour drive. Barcelona is five hours. Within 60 minutes are Bergerac, Domme, Penne, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Pujols, Vianne and many of the most beautiful villages in France.


France has an excellent railway system, SCNF, with reasonable fares, depending on the class car you choose. Paris to Bordeaux is four hours. Paris to Agen slightly longer.